Why can China create a common prosperity of modernization?

Why can China create a common prosperity of modernization?

  Modernization is a common phenomenon in modern society. Whether it is the first developed and future developing countries, they are carrying out different degrees of modernization.

Under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics has achieved remarkable achievements, and came out of a modern road suitable for China’s national conditions.

General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly pointed out that in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China: "We insist on developing socialism with Chinese characteristics, promoting material civilization, political civilization, spiritual civilization, social civilization, ecological civilization, coordinated development, created China Modern new road, created new form of human civilization. "China’s modernization is different from" Western model "in Europe and America, and is also different from" exogenous models "in the developed countries of Asia, but is huge. All the people are all affluent, the material civilization and spiritual civilization are coordinated, people and natural harmonious symbiosis, and the modernization of peace development path.

my country’s modernization, not only following the general laws of modernization, paying attention to construction of industrialization, urbanization, but also following the special laws of socialist modernization of Chinese characteristics, based on national conditions, facing the world’s national problems in the modernization process , Propose and implement a common wealthy Chinese program.

China is able to create a common prosperity of common prosperity, fundamentally, because of the guidance of Marxist science theory, there is a strong leader of the Chinese Communist Party of the people, there is a hard-working, the masses of cadres and the people of Tong Dynasty .

  1. The guidance of Marxist science theory is the theoretical basis for the creation of China-style modernization roads with common prosperity. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Why is the Chinese Communist Party? Why is the socialism with Chinese characteristics, it is due to Marxism!" Marxism as a whole world’s proletariat and all human liberation, not only scientifically reveals the history of human history Regular, socialist development law, and provide scientific world view and methodology for people to know the world and transforming the world. The scientific socialism and communist theory proposed by Marxnen is to eliminate class oppression and exploitation, eliminate poverty and polarization.

Marx and Engel were clearly pointed out in the "Communist Declaration": "Communists can summarize their theory into one sentence: eliminate private ownership." Engels pointed out: "The change of modern socialism is achieved, in short, in short, the bourgeois And through the elimination of all class differences. "That is to say, eliminate private ownership, eliminate the compression of the bourgeois to the proletariat is the fundamental task and sign of socialism.

Engels further emphasized in the article "Communism Principles": "The common complex consisting of all members of the society will use the productive forces to develop production forces; to develop production to meet the needs of everyone; end sacrificing some people Interests to meet the needs of others; completely eliminate class and class opposition; through the elimination of old divisions, through industry education, transform types, all people enjoy the benefits created by everyone, through urban and rural integration, so that all members of society Can get comprehensive development, – this is the main result of abolishing private ownership. "In the view of Marx Engers, the socialism, communist society to establish after the capitalist system is eliminated. Meet people’s needs, and to completely eliminate class exploitation and oppression, break the various inequality caused by division of labor and urban and rural areas, so that social wealth can be shared equalize to people, so that all social members can be fully developed.

It is not difficult to see that the eradication of both polarization is eliminated, and the common prosperity is one of the core ideas of the theory of scientific socialism. It is one of the essence characteristics of socialism. "Common Fuyu" is the compliance of the comprehensive construction of socialist modernization countries under the guidance of Marxist sciences, and is the inherent logic requirements of Marxist scientific socialist theory. Based on this, China has insured in modern construction, "Historically solves the absolute poverty problem", "" Realizing the people’s lives from the whole life, the historic leap ", and is eliminating poverty, improvement On the basis of people’s livelihood, continuing to "promote people’s comprehensive development, all the people’s common prosperity" have achieved more obvious substantive progress. " 2. The strong leaders of the Communist Party of China The leaders of the Communist Party of China are fundamental guarantees for the creation of Chinese style modernization roads in common prosperity. "The Chinese Communist Party has been born, it will make a happiness in the Chinese people, and establish a renovation for the Chinese nation’s rejuvenation." The Communist Party of China "always represents the fundamental interests of the people" "" There is no special interest, never represent any Interest group, any power group, any privileged interest. "

The Communist Party of China is the people, and serves the people all the best for the people, and it is not allowed to divide the poorer, because this will damage the fundamental interests of the people.

Throughout the history, how to solve the problem of social wealth in the modern process, it is a problem that all advances in modernization.

First developed market economy countries, due to its private economic foundation, it is impossible to fundamentally realize the common prosperity of social members, and it is difficult to overcome the two-pole differentiation of the market mechanism. Many developing countries are promoted in the process of promoting modernization, due to simple pursuit GDP growth and lag lag after the rule of law, the lack of effective restrictions, causing power and capital integrity, social corruption, there is a "middle income trap" in front of the economic stagnation, the rich and poor.

  The Communist Party of China has gone through the global role of the leadership of the coordination of the strength of the parties, which can effectively curb the problem of poor differentiation in the modernization process.

In the face of the market mechanism, the social member income gap is rigorous, and my country has given full play to the dominant status and macro regulation of socialist systems with the organic combination of socialist systems and market economy. Take appropriate policies and measures to effectively weaken both polarization phenomena.

On the one hand, in respecting market law, implement fair competition, stimulating economic vitality, and encouraging people to have more labor, the government will reasonably regulate social income gaps through taxation; through social redistribution, improve the minimum of low-income personnel Life guarantee level; the government has established a medical and education security system that covers the whole society, avoiding the problem of poverty due to insufficient medical and education, and actively improving people’s livelihood. On the other hand, increasing the regulation of power and capital, avoiding the difference in the poorer due to the illegal possession of power and capital to social wealth. my country puts forward the comprehensive management of the country, promoting the rule of law, the rule of law, the rule of law society, putting the "comprehensive management of the country, comprehensively from the strict party" into the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, and put "public power to the system" cage " Strict regulations on public power, implement the self-revolution in the blade, punish corruption, and avoid the search for rent. Adhere to the "two unhappy", play a variety of elements such as law, supervision, taxation, and morality, promote the legal value of capital, and severely crack down on capital illegal profit.

  3. The real-drying of the majority of cadres and the masses of the Congwei, the people of the majority of cadres and masses, Tong Dynasty, the same, the same, is an important support for the Chinese style modernization path of common prosperity as an important feature. Marx believes that "philosophers just explain the world in different ways, and the problem is to change the world."

The change in the world is not natural, but it is created by the people.

Comrade Deng Xiaoping pointed out: "Do not dry, half point Marxism is not." General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "socialism is dried", calling on cadres "起 加 加 加油", take the nail spirit to make various work well . The beautiful blueprint for Chinese style modernization roads not only requires reasonable ideas, scientific design and comprehensive layout, but also need to make a long goal, the prototypes and work together, and bury their heads. Under the leadership of the party, the masses of cadres, only the people, play a sense of intelligence, riveting the strength, can jointly promote the construction of socialist modernization.

  China-style modern new road, there is no model to learn from, only the majority of cadres and masses are courageous to explore innovation in social practice, good at summing up condensed, adhere to the truth from facts, constantly discovering the laws and discovering things, and finding the power of the work, seeking practical things, I have a new trick, I really caught the dry, in order to overcome the various difficulties and intervention in the process of modern construction, creatively solve the various problems in the modernization process, truly enable all members of society to share economic development results, so that the people are really real and realistic. Visible, touching, real-world wealth, let the common prosperity of nearly 1/5 population of nearly 1/5 population in the world, based on this, to make new contributions to the exploration of modern roads.

  The Researcher of the Chinese Characteristic Socialist Ideological Research Center of Xi Jinping, Beijing, China, Professor, Marxist College, Capital Normal University).