Zhejiang restrictions in high-risk areas

Zhejiang restrictions in high-risk areas

  According to the Zhejiang Weijian Committee, No. 12 and 24, from 11th to 24, Zhejiang Province, 38 cases of diagnosed cases, 9 cases of no symptom infection, have been investigated, and the close contact has been implemented.

  The "Regulations on the Comprehension of the Prevention and Control Office" of Zhejiang Provincial Prevention and Control Office requires that during the epidemic, Zhejiang should strictly control cross-provincial travel, high-risk areas and office counties (city, district) personnel strict Restrict travel; other counties (cities, districts) in the city of high-risk areas are not necessarily not necessary, and they must be proved within 48 hours of nucleic acid detection.

Strict limitations to the high-risk area and the county (city, district).

High-risk positions should try to avoid travel, and must be detained from work within 14 days and 48 hours, and report it to the unit. Hangzhou advocates the reducing aggregated activities Beijing Youth reporters noticed that in order to address the epidemic, the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government have issued initiatives to the public letter of the people of the city on the 12th. As soon as possible, they ask the public to minimize outgoing activities, not necessarily the high-risk areas. If you must travel, you must arrange your own trip to understand the local epidemic situation and prevention and control policies. "In the near future, the cases of Hangzhou have been related to the gathering. For everyone’s health, the general public should try to minimize aggregation activities." Ningbo City Public Security Bureau Zhenhai Branch Epidemic Prevention and Control Tracing Tracing Tracker 12-year report show, Ningbo Zhenhai Since the incident occurring in the area, the "Life Sunshine" moxibustion malls as an important source of this aggregated spread, there are currently many people in diagnosis.

  At present, through the effective streamliner traceability, there are more than 500 people in the store have verified control, and there are very few people who have not verified because there is no registration record.

The local police reminded that the moxibustion staff took the initiative to report to the community (village), units and stay hotels (hotels), and the insider took the initiative to reflect the relevant personnel information, and cooperated with a concentrated isolation, home isolation, health monitoring and nucleic acid Prevention and control measures such as testing will be investigated according to law.

  Xi’an A clinic pharmacy employee diagnosed the 12th of Shaanxi Municipal Government Information Office, said that on December 11th, Xi’an Qujiang New District was periodically detected by medical institutions, and found a nucleic acid to detect positive.

  According to reports, the case is the Pharmacy staff staff in Qujiang New Zone, Xi’an, and renting No. 2, Zhang Baidong Road, Chang Yanbao Street, Yanta District.

According to the requirements of a new crown virus nucleic acid per week, the results of nucleic acid detection were negative on December 3. On December 11, the nucleic acid detection initial sieve results were positive, and the day was reviewed by Xi’an CDC. On December 12th, the municipal expert consultation was diagnosed as a diagnosis case (light), and now the eighth hospital is isolated from the medical treatment.

  The Xi’an East Control Command is the first time to start emergency response. At present, the epidemiological investigation of cases is currently being carried out, and the relevant departments are tanging, and nucleic acid detection, and sealing their activity places and residences. Control and killing. In 12 days, the 12-day diagnosis case was incremented by 3 cases of the epidemic prevention and control press conference held in Manchuria, Manchuria. The person in charge of the relevant department introduced that the new diagnosis cases in Manchuria City in Inner Mongolia were introduced.

Up to now, in Inner Mongolia, Nucleic Acid detection, the cumulative detection of positive samples, all diagnosed, the fourteenth round of large-scale nucleic acid detection is in an orderly, and the nucleic acid detection is treated. On 12 December, the Hailar District People’s Hospital was heald from 6 people, and the port medical treatment hospital was cured 13 people. Up to now, 2,29 patients have been treated in the medical treatment of hospitals in Manzhouli, 276 patients were treated in Hailar District People’s Hospital, and 2 patients were isolated in Hulunbeier Second People’s Hospital. In the 25-cured patient, 19 were treated in the Southern District Hospital, and 6 were treated in Hulunbeier Hospital rehabilitation treatment. Text / This reported reporter Quai Data National Health and Justice Committee reported that 49 cases of 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps were reported in 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

Including 38 Zhejiang, including 22 cases in Shaoxing, 8 cases in Hangzhou, 8 cases in Ningbo; 10 cases in Inner Mongolia, all in Hulunbeier; Heilongjiang, in Harbin; 20 patients to confirm the diagnosis All are in Zhejiang.

  10 cases of new local non-symptom infections in the country at 0:00 on 11th, including 9 cases of Zhejiang, including 8 cases in Shaoxing, 1 case in Hangzhou; 1 case in Jiangsu, in Wuxi City.