Wenzhou Longwan: From "Micro" start, "change" outline "big development"

Wenzhou Longwan: From "Micro" start, "change" outline "big development"

  From the completion of the old ancestral house to the Wenlan Academy, from the open house of the abandoned agricultural house to the first revolutionary education hall of Longwan, the protection of ancient architecture is opened to the opening of the Qiyi Academy … For year, Longwan District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province From the subtleties, promote the "big development" of the literature industry. Since this year, the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee provokes "micro-transformation, refining" work, Longwan District rapid response, will "micro-transformation improvement" as the top priority, drafting of During the 14th Five-Year Plan, Drafting " Longwan District Tourism "Micro Reconstruction, Elevation" Five-Year Action Plan (2021-2025) " Dragon Bay practice. Changing the "Waste" is a treasure to realize the red culture "" Building "Yongxing is one of the most active areas of the Dragon Bay, is one of the Chinese Communist Party to carry out activities and establish a party’s earlier area …" is located in Longwan District … In the "Longwan Revolutionary Education Museum" in Yongxing Street, the nephew is to visit the public to tell the red story of Dragon Bay. In June this year, the "Longwan Revolutionary Education Museum" officially opened. Who once thought that the predecessor of this more than 700 square meters of pavilions was a waste farmhouse.

As the first revolutionary education museum in Longwan, its completion, providing a vivid and visual study of Dragon Bay District Party History, achieving a breakthrough in the red tourism resources of Longwan. It is reported that Longwan has a glorious revolutionary history and tradition, including Yongxing, the beach, Yongchang and other towns, are listed as the revolutionary old district (town), and 46 villages in the jurisdiction are the second domestic revolutionary war period and the anti-Japanese war period. According to the village, there is also a revolutionary site such as the Dalf Fang Chenfu Temple, Wuxi Lookout, Xia Xing Village.

  Although there is a deep red heritage, the lack of red educational base has been a regret for the Long Bay in this year. "With the aim of ‘micro-transformation, improved’ action, we started to upgrade the ‘Dragon Bay Revolutionary Education Museum in March this year.

"The relevant person in charge of the Longwan District Wen Guang International Bureau introduced that the project is an important part of the" 2021 Longwan District Micro Reconstruction Project ", and the Dragon Bay people participated in the anti-Japanese war, the information of the Liberation of War, and the anti-US aid and the war. , Land reform, the process of three transformation of socialism. In terms of location selection of the Dragon Bay Revolutionary Education Museum, Dragon Bay has also made an in-depth planning.

It is reported that the Yongxing Street in the Longwan Revolutionary Education Museum is a hot soil with a long revolutionary history and the glorious revolutionary tradition, there is a red site such as a blevantian Chenfu Temple, Wuxi Lookout, and can be connected in series with the Dragon Bay Revolutionary Education Mall. "Red Rifting" of the Party History Learning Education. According to statistics, since the Dragon Bay Revolutionary Education Museum has received approximately 162 batches of people from all walks of life, more than 4,570 people have become a popular card point for the party history education in Longwan District.

  Use "live" ancient construction to promote the characteristics of "fine" integration Long Bay has a long history, and the Ming Dynasty is the cultural highland in southern Zhejiang. He has left a lot of valuable, distinctive historical and cultural and historic buildings. How to protect the ancient buildings while letting them with the times, let the world better understand the cultural connotation and characteristics of the ancient buildings, and is a problem in front of the Dragon Bay. Since this year, with the development of "micro-transformation, refining" work, Dragon Bay passed a series of "embroidered", wearing needle lead, allowing tourism to develop ancient architecture development, let the ancient buildings new.

Among them, this year’s "Zhiri Academy" is one of the cultural projects that the Longwan District in the ancient building in Zhongxiyuan is also the zone of "living" ancient buildings, promoting the development of literature integration.

    It is reported that "Zhiri Academy" is the only unique college in Wenzhou, and Jiajing is destroyed in 37 years. After the upgraded enhancement, the Qiyi Academy consists of three ancient people in the Qing Dynasty, showing the history of Zhizhi Academy, Zhang Wei’s historical achievement.

  "’义 书院’ is a monument in Wenzhou cultural education, re-opening up the college and enhances its internal transformation. On the one hand, it is to reproduce the glory of Yongjia’s culture in the Ming Dynasty in the Ming Dynasty. On the other hand, it is also hoping to carry out traditional cultural education. It has become a model of Wenzhou Zunzheng, Chongxuo, "said the relevant person in charge of the Longwan Wenre International Bureau, in addition to the history of the history of Zhizhi, a series of lectures and cultural experience activities are also carried out, since the opening of the hospital It has been accounted for the masses to visit more than 20,000.

  Longwan’s "micro-transformation, essence" in the Dragon Bay is still more than this – carry out the "Puzhou Xinyun" transformation project in Wenzhou City, through the migration of 7 ancient martial arts, overall improving Tanghe culture Atmosphere; the original Site-protected Putume Village Qingming ancient construction group There are ancient buildings migration … At the same time, Longwan District also actively guides non-legacy projects to ancient architecture – in the ancient buildings in Nanyang Park, introduced national arts arts and arts, build exhibitions, literary, experience Training is equal to the integrated art platform; the ancient buildings in Yaoxi Zhong Xiyuan Scenic Area have been built into the Dragon Bay’s non-legacy test base, and now the provincial non-painful local garden wheat wine, the municipal non-legacy tangible painting, and time imprints have been stationed. Dragon Bay is being "implanted in deep depths", so that the ancient "rejuvenation".

  Micro-change briquettes push the literature experience "fine" development to say that Longwan’s tourism is hot, and you have to extort the ecological casual farm under the east. Into the first ecological leisure farm dominated by more meat plants, art potted plants, and two huge glass flowers are "drilling into".

  "After upgrading, the Vanilla Variety Park in these two flowers has become a good place to study Dragon Bay ‘Agriculture + Education’.

"The relevant person in charge of the Longwan Wenguang International Bureau introduced that the farm was cultivated as a" Vanilla "as the theme of agricultural industries, and designed the" Vanilla "theme courseware, the" Wenzhou City Primary and Secondary School Education Practice Base ". Development, Farm agricultural production, student practice education, leisure tourism racks the bridge of the fusion, but also allows visitors to get more experience in farms.

  Open the "Zhejiang Tourism" micro-transformation and improvement "five-year action plan (2021-2025)", "Experience ‘Exquisite’ Project", is included in important tasks, this year, Dragon Bay is closely around "experience" Improve the "Expand Work – Ecological Leisure Farm in the East Herge", the new ecological parking lot and tourism toilet; Wenchang Chuangke Xiaowei new ecological parking lot, parking space reached 500; Qingshan Direct River (Longjiang Road – Longhai road section) The landscape along the river has been improved. The space under the bridge is created into the red education theme park … When enhancing the experience of the tourists, the Dragon Bay also focuses on the sense of culture, and constantly enhance the masses of cultural experience – Creating Huangshi Mountain City Study Housing and Puzhou Street Turban City Studies, providing people with new knowledge sharing, information exchange, interactive reading human space; the public welfare library "Wenlan Academy", which is rebuilt by the ancestral house, so that the public is comfortable and comfortable Enjoy the spiritual dinner in the environment; build a "瓯 上 书 房" next to the light rail S1 line Yaoxi Station, let the public in a busy life, find a space that enjoys the "poetry and distant".

    In the past year, the in-depth advancement of "micro-transformation, and improvement" has quietly changed the city’s city in Longwan.

Next, the district will take the opportunity to create a 3A-level scenic spot, in-depth promotion of "micro-transformation, refining" work, continuously improve the level of tourism services, create a good tourism basic environment, and enrich the Dragon Bay Area Wenbao Development " "practice.