Zhejiang Zhangzhou is a good "audit custom" for the people’s livelihood

Zhejiang Zhangzhou is a good "audit custom" for the people’s livelihood

  "The city’s people’s gym construction project completed the acceptance in September last year, but until the end of March 2021, the subsidy funds have not been honored, leading to the construction of the main capacity of the construction, which affects the project," recently, in 2020 At the time of the special audit investigation of the top ten people’s livelihood projects, the Cangzhou City Audit Bureau found and put forward a problem.

  For ordinary citizens, audit work seems to be out of reach, but auditing is an important part of the party and national supervision system. It is to safeguard national financial economic order, improve financial funds, promote integrity construction, and ensure economic and social health development. Important measures.

  After discovering problems in the construction project of the people’s gym, only two people in Kushi District, Cangzhou City, with a small number, small scale, affected the initiative and enthusiasm of the social third party to participate in the operation and maintenance, and the operation and maintenance subsidies for the people’s gym The policy is not clear, leading to the land of the third-party operation and maintenance model, affecting the healthy development of the project.

To this end, the Cangzhou City Audit Bureau recommends that "the competent department is docked by the finance and other departments, improve the payment efficiency of funds, and explore the introduction of the service policy, and incorporate this into the municipal third-party operation and maintenance tender." The people’s gym construction project is the Cangzhou Audit Bureau Carry out the audit of people’s livelihood projects and actively put forward the proposed vivid epitomes.

As of the end of 2020, the top ten people’s livelihood projects were completed in 2020. In the past, the audit department only needs to audit supervision on the completion of the project, but since this year, the Cangzhou City Audit Bureau has invested in depth to the people-oriented thinking, 10 big items of the people’s livelihood project, 56 children Investigation and research, whether there is a problem in the process of project, how the project’s sustainable development, etc., and strive to work well. For example, when auditing a self-service library project, the auditor and responsibility department conducted in-depth discussions, listening to the opinions and suggestions, and found some problems.

"The self-service library has a problem that the smart management system is not accurate enough. The audit department recommends the establishment of a large data flow and borrowing analysis management system, using digital, intelligent means, accurate, scientifically configures the different book houses. Book. Each self-service library can determine the subject characteristics according to its region, such as the library near the public inspection office, can increase the legal professional bibliography; the library near primary and secondary schools can increase children’s science reading. "Cangzhou City Audit Bureau Relevant audit said. "We spent nearly two months, and the 56 sub-items were discussed in detail.

Including problems encountered in the implementation of the project, the future operation mode is reasonable, etc., auditors will be meticulously studied and suggested. "The main person in charge of the Cangzhou City Audit Bureau said that when the audit of each project, the auditors will discuss with the relevant authorities, study and analyze the problems discovered by the audit, and propose detailed issues and countermeasures." We take the research audit On the one hand, it can provide recommendations for government decisions. On the other hand, the people’s livelihood has achieved the people ‘heart’, so that the people of Zhangzhou people will feel more and more happiness. "Maintaining the interests of the people is the starting point and foothold of the audit work. The Cangzhou City Audit Bureau will consistently use the" People’s Audit "as a mission, insist on the promotion of the people, with audit, and continue to maintain" " The spirit of "creating", "dry" style, take a step forward, pick up the sleeve forward, more fully, more timely, and more comprehensively play the audit supervision results, strive to make a good audit for the people (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.