Tongchuan explored the "code" "Certificate" and a "ID card"

Tongchuan explored the "code" "Certificate" and a "ID card"

Original title: Tongchuan exploring "code" "Code" and a agricultural product has also had "ID card" (Reporter Yang Guang) April 6th, a vibrant scene in the northern earth.

In the vegetable planting base of Shaanxi Chengda Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Yaozhuang Town, Yaozhou District, Tongchuan City, workers are busy packaging cherry tomatoes just picking. "Now, upload the relevant data to the provincial agricultural product quality and safety traceability platform, let consumers can not only feel the taste of tomato leather, and will clearly all the fertilization, sowing, irrigation and other farmers in the product growth. See.

Now there is a ‘code’ certificate ‘combined label, mobile phone is gently sweeping, producer information, production date, and agricultural product certificate can be a bit. "Technician Liu Bin, which is uploading the day production data before the computer. According to Zhang Jie, deputy director of the Agricultural Rural Rural Area of ??Tongchuan City," Code "" Certificate "is based on the original function of traceability system, applies informationization to qualified In the implementation of the certificate system, print the edible agricultural product certificate label for trace the QR code, not only contain information such as product varieties, quantities, producers, quality and safety commitments, but also include agricultural quality and safety traceability information.

"The" code ” certificate ‘combined mode promotion, both implement the agricultural product certificate system, and promoted the quality and safety traceability application, so that agricultural products have the’ ID card ‘, consolidate the corporate responsibility, improve the product brand image and Competitiveness.

In 2020, we focused on the characteristics of fresh peach, apple, vegetables and eggs, and 22 companies with representation of production and representative products in the city, this year, this year, it is necessary to reach 100 at the end of the year. Home, ensure the safety of the people ‘in the tip of the tongue’.

Zhang Jie said.

(Editor: Zuo Rui, Deng Nan).