Xinhua International Time Comment: China’s Economic "Balance" in the Global Transceiver

Xinhua International Time Comment: China’s Economic "Balance" in the Global Transceiver

Xinhua News Agency, October 19th: China Economy "Balance", China Economy, China Economy in Fan Yu, showing that China’s economy is present in the first three quarters in the first three quarters of China to reach%. In the context of the global economic recovery, the China’s economy has slowed in the third quarter of the Chinese economy, but the restoration situation continues to constantly, becoming an important stability force in the global economy. The increase in risk challenges, the policy trade-off is more complex, the strategy of China’s economy is constant, the pursuit of high quality development is unchanged, full of "steady" the driving force of "live".

Foreign media noted that the China’s economy has fallen in the third quarter of the Chinese economy in the third quarter of the Chinese economy, which also recognizes that China’s economy has returned to normalization of China’s economy from the epidemic. . Under multiple risk challenges, China’s economy is still highlighting.

Consumption recovery, manufacturing accounting, high-tech manufacturing is rapidly increased, the contribution rate of service industry growth on economic growth is continuously improved … In the global epidemic, Chinese foreign trade exhibited powerful toughness. The import and export of goods trade in the first three quarters increased year-on-year, and China’s import and export of EU, the United States, Japan, and South Korea has maintained two numbers. The world will not leave the "China Market" and will not leave the "China Factory." Reuters analysis said that the effectiveness of the normalized epidemic prevention and control and the complete industrial system, strong support for China’s exports. "New York Times" pointed out that China’s exports have continued high growth trends, and those economists who believe that China’s economy grows un sustainable economists "judgment mistakes". At present, the world economy is in the bottom of the resuscitation, and the uncertainty is significantly enhanced. On the occasion of the spread of the epidemic, the price of bulk commodities rose, the international sea is tight, labor shortage, supply chain disorder, etc., the rise in the global economy has risen. In this context, the situation of steady recovery in the first three quarters has proved that China’s economic governance controls complex situation has once again tested. China is equipped with structural problems and gives accurate policy support for the weak links in the economic recovery development. At the same time avoid "big water roan", continuously optimizing economic structure; paying attention to domestic international overall, China’s large-scale relaxation, optimization Business environment, actively carry out multilateral economic and trade cooperation, to promote high-level opening and opening up and shaping new international cooperation and competition new advantages; short-term economic recovery and long-term growth motivation, China has promoted the reform of key areas through institutional innovation, promoting the modernization of industrial chain, promoting Digital and green transformations continue to force.

Overall, China’s "ten fingers piano" strive to achieve the "wide" and "tightening", "inside" and "outer", "short" and "short" and "long". Foreign media commentary, most economists expect that China’s economy will grow 8% or more this year, but Chinese policy makers have developed a relatively moderate annual growth target, which is more than the problem of processing economic long-term existence. More space. Bridge Water (China) Investment Management Co. Unique resource endowments and development advantages have not changed.

He believes that the macro-control means, tools, experiences and governance of the Chinese decision-making layer are sufficient to ensure steady operation of China ‘s market economy. From export to consumption, from traditional economy to digital economy, China’s economic growth is enhanced, and there is a steady industry.

The 130th China Import and Export Commodity Fair (Canton Fair) attracted nearly 8,000 enterprises, set up nearly 20,000 booths, exhibited by 400,000 square meters. Pierre Pettemang, a French multinational retail group, European, Pierre Pettem, fever: "The Chinese market is unfunction." "The world’s top 500 and industry leading enterprises in the fourth year of the fourth year of the fourth session The number exceeded the last, "returning" exceeded 80%. Real gold is not afraid of fire.

The British "Economist" resident Chinese reporter has written optimistic about China’s economy: from Hangzhou’s high-tech innovator, Wuxi exporter, Wenzhou entrepreneur, etc., seeing China’s economic and dynamic .

The comparative advantage of China’s economy is still highlighted from the economic recovery and stability of economic recovery, economic development.

China has actually promoted the determination and practice of reform and opening up, as well as the wisdom of macroeconomic policy across cycle, is injecting new kinetic energy into the world, bringing new opportunities.

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