Yulin Jingkai District Coal Expo will sign a contract of 2 billion

Yulin Jingkai District Coal Expo will sign a contract of 2 billion

On October 13th, the 16th Yulin International Coal and High-end Energy Chemical Industry Expo of "Wisdom Energy July Forest Low Carbon Development" was grandly opened at the Yulin Exhibition Center. Sun Shouyang, director of the party Work Committee of Yulin, and director of the management committee, leads the Expo and attends the signing ceremony.

It is understood that this exposition sets a total of 6 exhibitions, namely smart digital exhibition area, intelligent manufacturing exhibition area, low-carbon development exhibition area, green mining area, new energy exhibition area and county and city (development zones) image exhibition area. The Economic Development Zone has established a multi-functional exhibition area with technical equipment, high-end manufacturing, and coal-based degrading product display, etc., arranged Sino-German (Yangzhou) Transportation Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Longjing Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Mine Zhiyun Intelligent Automation Co., Ltd., Hubei Jiegong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and other four companies have participated in the scene, equipped with professional and technical personnel to explain the demonstration for visitors, while adopting the combination of online lines, realizing the network of exhibition projects Synchronous display. After the opening ceremony, Sun Shouyang went into the Exhibition area Exhibition area on-site inspection exhibition and investment service work, and condolences to the on-site staff. Sun Shouyang said that the coal fair is an important platform to deepen foreign exchange cooperation and showcase the image. All participants must profoundly understand the importance of the coal fair, use the exhibition platform to strengthen exchange cooperation with exhibitors and visitors. And production and sales docking, actively introducing advanced equipment, technology and management concepts, and continuously enhance the company’s scientific and technological innovation and market competitiveness.

The investment service department must grab the development opportunities and play the advantages of the open area, and make full use of the platform of the coal fair, further broaden cooperation channels, and deeply dig the development potential of investment promotion, and continuously accelerate the opening and industrial transformation and upgrading, continuous Promote the high quality development of the Economic Development Zone.

On the afternoon of the same day, all members of the Delegation of the Economic Development Zone participated in the main purpose "High Quality Development of Energy Chemicals under Carbon Metals", listened to the former deputy governor of Shaanxi Provincial Government, Li Jinzhu, deputy director of Shaanxi Decision Advisory Committee, China Academy of Engineering Academician, Director of the Institute of Dalian Chemistry Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Director of the Institute of Engineering Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang Loujiang, Director of the Green Process Manufacturing and Innovation Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In addition, Zhang Yanjun, deputy director of the Party Working Committee and the Management Committee of the Management Committee, and the Yulin College, and the Fosun Group, the establishment of the Yulin College. Among them, the "Low Carbon Energy and Material Technology Center Project" contract is signed with Yulin College. The project has a total investment of billion yuan. The annual investment is 1 year. In the year, it is 100 million yuan; "Cooperation Agreement, the total investment of this project is 2 billion yuan, the annual investment year is 5 years, and the funds are 200 million yuan.

After the signing ceremony, Sun Shouyang led the obligation to meet with the person in charge of the signing project. After the opening ceremony, the leaders of the meeting, the guests also visited the Coal Expo Yulin through the area.

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