Xingtai, Hebei: 惠 民 民 为 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加

Xingtai, Hebei: 惠 民 民 为 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加

The opening of the opening of the sixteenth session of the 6th National People’s Congress held, in the next five years, the city should be a big pattern, the city is in mind, and it is very stigrated, and the truth is really unwavering innovation, and the construction of the industry is prosperous. Strength Xingtai; unswervingly promoted coordinated development, focusing on building quality Xingtai, a quality of Yiye; firmly advances green development, and focusing on building a beautiful Xingtai, a beautiful Xingtai, which is unwavering, and striving to build a positive and inclusive vitality Xingtai; Unwavering to promote sharing and developing, and focus on building a warm and comfortable happiness Xingtai. Clear direction, cohesive force. From now on, this version will open "Focus on" five Xingtai ", write a new chapter of the new era", launch a series of topics, focus, and show Xingtai struggled to build a new path, new, new, new, new, new, new initiatives and new .

According to the provincial office of the "Double Creative Double Service" Activity Leading Group, as of August 25, the progress of the 20 people’s livelihood projects in Xingtai City is generally located in the province’s forefront, the 15 people’s livelihood projects in the people’s livelihood projects, There are 1 single indicator ranking first, 15 single indicators ranked first, 2 single indicators ranked third, 1 single indicator ranked fourth. As of mid-September, 17 of the city’s 20 people’s livelihood projects have completed the annual task goals in advance.

Xingtai City proposed, to be unswervingly advanced, keep the bottom of the people, keep the people’s livelihood, improve the quality of people’s livelihood, and focus on building warm and comfortable happiness Xingtai. To this end, the city surrounded "Young education, learning, labor-owned, diseased, old, living, housing, weak,", continue to promote the implementation of people’s livelihood projects, let More people’s livelihood benefits. Huimin students, in-depth promotion of 7 people’s livelihood projects in accordance with local actual and combined with the attention of the masses, Xingtai has planned to identify 20 people’s livelihood projects.

The relevant person in charge of the Xingtai Municipal Development and Reform Commission said that compared with last year, the people’s livelihood projects that have been determined this year continue to retain 7 projects with high coverage and high concerns, including shanty-area transformation, old community transformation, urban village transformation, urban drain network Rainfall transformation, "hollow village" governance, municipal old pipe network transformation, kindergarten construction and other projects. The shantytown renovation project implemented by the Xingtai City Housing and Construction Bureau, the mission objective is 6,500 sets of shed reform, basically completed 2,793 sets, and completed the task objective in advance in July. Among them, Fudu District adopts unified bidding to purchase peripheral resettlement, so that the residents ‘signing can choose a relatively affordable return home, which can meet the residents’ later staying and demand, and It has promoted the development of the real estate market to a certain extent. Municipal old pipe network renovation project involves thousands of households. Not long ago, the refurbishment of the heating old pipe network of Jinshuiwan Community in Xingtai City, successfully warmed the test water, everyone has confident on "warm winter". In June of this year, the Xingtai City Management Department took the lead in compliance with the adverse effects such as high temperature and rainfall in the flood season. He used two months to complete the new work of Jinshuiwan Community to replace the new work to solve the phenomenon of winter heating in this community.

It is understood that the municipal old pipe network renovation project led by the urban management bureau. As of now, the old pipe network has been completed and the completion rate is%. Kindergarten Construction Project is led by the Municipal Education Bureau. The mission objective is to expand 25 public kindergartens in the new revision. It has increased 10 Popular private kindergartens, which has completed the task goal in advance in July.

Up to now, 62 public kindergartens have been completed, and 126 Popular private kindergartens have been completed. The fourth kindergarten of Shahe City officially built on September 1 this year, with multimedia function room, painting this room, scientific exploration room, etc., and its outdoor venue is full of suspended mat and lawn. At present, more than 110 young children have been recruited.

The relevant person in charge of the Shahe Municipal Education Bureau introduced that this is a community supporting public kindergarten. It has completely broken the history of the area without public kindergarten. . Shunxiao, the new three people’s livelihood projects hope that the direction of work is. Through the collection of social public opinion, this year, Xingtai added three new projects, more close to the daily life, including urban public parking facilities, urban and rural living water replacement, wisdom and peaceful community construction.

Since this year, Xingtai has grasped public parking facilities construction, management and services, and fully enhance the construction of public parking facilities. Up to now, the city has newly built 13066 parking spaces, completion rate, and complete the task in advance in July. The urban and rural living water source replacement project is taken by the Municipal Management Bureau, the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau takes responsibility, as of mid-September, completed the construction, completion rate of pipe network, completion rate; Renze District, Nanhe District, Julu County, Inner Tsui County, Ping The overall project progress of 8 2021 replacement mission counties in Huixian County, Xinhe County, Ningjin County and Guangzong County is more than 70%, and according to the date of the program, it is completed before the end of November.

Wisdom Ping An Community Construction Project, led by the municipal public security bureau, as of mid-September, completed 2079 communities construction in front-end equipment, 100% completion rate.

The community achieves allocation of community security intelligence full coverage, collection of population, vehicles, items, etc. Information, with a variety of data analysis models such as "abnormal access analysis", automatically associate string of strings and collision comparison, and improve public security organs for illegal crimes, and maximize the criminal space of community illegal crimes. Wisdom Ping An Community integrates community resources, optimizes community services, and both improve property company management efficiency and provides convenient services for the daily life of residents. At the same time, the community property platform, the smart community APP can realize the interaction of police and civilians, police information release, visitors remote opening, tenant authorization management, elderly love attention, fire abnormal monitoring. Solving people’s worries, continuously enhances 10 people’s livelihood projects "a top plate, three-foot earth wall, summer smell, smoked, winter cold wind drill."

Some dry toilets are also directly in the pigstones, and they are dirty and stinky. The children who are used to life in the city will not be adapted. "Recently, Guo Zenglin, village, Queang, Danyun Village, Longquang Township, Xingtai City, said that every family is now three format water flushing, but also with bathing facilities, storage rooms, and aesthetics and practical. Rural toilet transformation The project is led by the municipal agricultural rural bureau. The mission objective is to retrore the household toilet 5,6600, and 2,200 new public toilets.

As of mid-September, the city has retrofit 86087 toilets, 2206 new public toilets, and excess goals.

Since this year, Xingtai has been harmless to rural domestic sewage, and the rural toilets have been improved, public cultural services improvement, "four good rural roads" improvement, employment vocational training, pension service improvement and energy improvement increased further optimization.

Among them, the rural life sewage harmless treatment project led by the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, the mission objective is to build sewage treatment facilities covering 461 villages, which has completed the task goal in July.

The "four good rural road" enhancement project led by the Municipal Transport Bureau, as of mid-September, construction and renovation of rural road completion miles, excess the task goals.

Rural passenger transport line bus transformation has been fully completed, and the operation rate of busenation is 100%.

At the same time, the public cultural service enhancement project responsible by the Municipal Guangli Tourism, the mission goal is to issue cultural benefits cards (vouchers), and have completed the task goal in advance in July. Up to now, 1 million tourism benefits and thousands of cultural benefits (coupons) are issued.

The employment vocational training project led by the Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau, completed the task goal in advance in June. Up to now, 2230 graduates have employed, 2,230 employment, 100% employment rate; 100,753 subsidies training,% of completion rates; social training 87952 people, completion rate%.

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