Which misunderstandings should I avoid using a child safety seat? Experts unlock the right ride of the baby

Which misunderstandings should I avoid using a child safety seat? Experts unlock the right ride of the baby

People’s Network Beijing November 5 (Reporter Yang Di, Sun Hongli) September this year, "China Child Development Outline (2021-2030)" (hereinafter referred to as "New Children") officially announced, including "children and safety" The field, and "promotion uses children’s safety seats, safety helmets, and children travel safety" as one of the main goals in this field.

Recently, the People’s Network reporter interviewed the experts who participated in the formulation of New Children’s CDC and the Director of the Slow Disease Center of China ‘s CDC. Duan Lei, a researcher Duan Lei, took you to understand the safety of the child’s safety. Which misunderstandings should choose and use children’s safety seats. How does the child safety seat protect your child? "Use children’s safety seats to protect children after the accident occurs.

"Duan Lei introduced, children’s safety seat or called children’s occupant constraint system, it can restrained children on a child safety seat, relatively fixed in a position in the car, once the vehicle crashes, roll, can let children Avoid forming the collision of other devices in the car, even outside the car, so it is possible to protect children with minimize children after the accident. Duan Lei introduced, children’s safety seats are based on children Height and weights to choose and match.

my country is mainly using height standards to choose a child safety seat, requiring height to use children’s safety seats and increase cushions in children. Can an adult seat belt replace children’s safety seat? Duan Lei said that children use safety seats or seat belts, which requires the height of children. Children above the heights can only use adult seat belts, both cannot be replaced with each other.

Can the road not stay in the car? "The road is near, the child should not be held on the car, it should be sitting in the child safety seat." Duan Lei said, in the car 50 km, a 5kg child will be in an instant It turns 100 kg, so heavy parents can’t hold it.

So, no matter the distance, just drive to the child travel, as long as the child is sitting on the car, it is necessary to sit in the safe seat.

How to buy "reliable" child safety seat? Duan Lei reminds the child parents, buy children’s safety seats, first look at the 3C certified logo on the seat, this is very important. Others are to choose a suitable seat according to the height of the child, according to the child’s height and weight. Children should choose the applicable child safety seat during different developmental stages.

Which misunderstandings should I avoid using a child safety seat? In terms of using children’s safety seats, many parents use a wrong way. In this regard, Duan Lei tells parents from five aspects to use children’s safety seats correctly.

Duan Lei introduced, first, put the seat in the position of the co-pilot, this is absolutely unfair; the second, the binding belt inside the safety seat is too tight or too tight; third, let the children wear The down jacket is sitting in a safe seat; fourth, there is no strict accordance with the seat installation instructions to install the use of children’s safety seats, which is very important, not only to buy national standards, 3C certified seats It is also necessary to install and use correctly; fifth, there is no holiday in the whole process.

Every time I take my child, I have to use the child safety seat.