School -enterprise "two -way go", escorting employment -school -enterprise joins hands to promote employment fourth

School -enterprise "two -way go", escorting employment -school -enterprise joins hands to promote employment fourth

  The reporter Zhou Shixiang Liu Bochao Liu Kun’s different styles and functions of different styles and functions of the Guangming Daily reporter "runs on the ground"; the robotic arm telescopic, rotating, and launching is not bad … This scene does not happen in the logistics factory, but in Qingdao Vocational and Technical College " "JD Campus Cloud Warehouse Product Training Base".

At this moment, logistics students are studying the data processing of wrapped in the warehouse and the precise operation of the robotic arm. "From the selection, transportation, transportation, warehousing, sales, distribution to the full business process of after -sales, we provide students with a training environment that matches the practice." Wang Shengtong, a relevant person in charge of Jingdong Group, said that the campus cloud warehouse has been in Shandong, the campus cloud warehouse has been in Shandong, Sichuan, Liaoning, Guangdong and other places have been operated.

  The new model of educating people brought by the in -depth docking of schools and enterprises is behind the concept of schools and enterprises at both ends of talent supply and demand from the concept of "each other" to "two -way running". How to solve the structural imbalance of talent supply and demand? How to provide deep -seated solutions for information asymmetric and non -matching supply and demand? In recent years, schools and enterprises have been actively exploring.

  The information is "matching the bridge". It is no longer difficult to understand each other. "Although Jiayuguan is far away, the city is clean and tidy, the pace of life is slow, and the personal life will not be lost after busy work.

"After going to the Central Nuclear 404 Group, Tianjin University counselor Bao Yanyan talked to the classmates about the work and life scene.

  In the summer, more than a hundred counselors of Tianjin University will temporarily say goodbye to the campus and go to the employer to "hit the front station" for graduates.

Liu Chao, deputy director of the Tianjin University Employment Guidance Center, introduced that during the duty period, the counselor would participate in the relevant work of the human resources department of the employer. As a "newcomer", he participated in the training training throughout the process. Requirements, employee training systems and career development channels.

After returning to school, many counselors became bridges to communicate schools and enterprises. They made lectures, attract visits, and promoted cooperation.

  "From the perspective of the situation in recent years, students have become more and more understanding enterprises, and enterprises have become more and more recognized by students." Liu Chao said, "Choosing the graduates of the China Nuclear 444 Group started less.

After sending the counselor to work, more than 30 students have recently joined the recently.

"" Professional occupational guidance cannot be separated from the full understanding of market changes. By the employer’s "front station" is an effective professional guidance exploration. "Qin Guanying, an associate researcher at the National Academy of Foreign Open Research University of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade, said that the school can pay attention to the cognition and experience of the" front station "into the student career education system and push the education and teaching reform. Entering the campus. "We took the opportunity of school -enterprise cooperation to try to empower college students with corporate experience. This year, the 360 ??Group cooperated with Tsinghua University, Peking University, Nanjing University and many other universities to provide employment guidance to students, share with students, and provide employment suggestions for students’ standards, common interview issues and logic behind them. Students are very interested. Wang Chunming, senior recruitment director of 360 Company. The person in charge of the Employment Guidance Center in a university in Sichuan introduced that according to the feedback of the employer, the school provided a voluntary public document writing post training for fresh graduates.

"After training, students who go to the grassroots level have better grasp of official document writing.

Close cooperation between schools and enterprises can help us improve the comprehensive quality of students in a targeted manner.

"The close connection with the rapidly changing labor market is the challenge of the school’s continued face. To this end, a solid, efficient and high -frequency connection must be established between educational institutions and employers.

Counselor enterprises, corporate employment guidance, order classes, and industrial colleges are all to achieve this.

"Qin Guanying said. Select the" partner "model, and then deepen the" order class learning of order classes, which has discovered the "Xintiandi" -the not only consolidated the theoretical knowledge, but also understands the actual project application And work to help yourself better formulate career planning. "Jade, a student of Sichuan Vocational and Technical College, expressed his feelings of participating in the 7th reinforced sample order class in the first phase of the China Construction Bureau.

  "Through order training, the bottleneck of the central enterprise recording the college students has been cracked, and the“ school talent training has a talent for development, the business development has talents, and the student growing up has a platform to win a win -win situation. Among the graduates of order training, 20% Become a front -line technology and management backbone, "said Pang Zonghui, director of the Admissions and Employment Division of Sichuan Vocational and Technical College. For many students at the School of Food Science and Engineering at the University of Tarim, developing more nutritional value of yogurt and delicious Musseles is an internship that needs to "resist the temptation".

The college takes the key laboratory of the deep processing of southern Xinjiang’s characteristic agricultural products as the platform to cooperate with many dairy industries and biotechnology companies in Xinjiang. Corporate technicians participate in the training guidance of students throughout the process.

  "We have also carried out the quality expansion project of school -enterprise cooperation. The outstanding students can receive the corporate scholarship. The internship base has gradually become the main market for the employment of school graduates." Hou Xujie, the dean of the college.

  In 2020, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications established the "Beiyou-Huawei College", recruiting students from sophomores and senior students, with the goal of high-end talents to train five to eight years. Two years have later formed a classroom design and practical cooperation model. "The two sides have built more than 50 courses to fully integrate into Huawei elements and cases, so that students use the latest simulation data and practical platforms." The relevant person in charge introduced that the first batch of students had entered the graduate stage training, and some entered Huawei internships , More involved in the cracking of the industry cutting -edge issues.

  Entering Zhongsoft International Internship, graduate students from Beijing University of Technology improved their innovation capabilities in international actual project scenarios, and enriched project practice experience; jointly built the "four subjects, one union" innovation consortium, Xi’an Jiaotong University Tonghua Xi’an Research Institute explores talent co -student sharing ; Signing with 7 national dual -level demonstration bases, Zhejiang University has driven employment with entrepreneurship … Since the implementation of the "visiting enterprises" this year, the school -enterprise parties have cooperated again and again to create more opportunities for graduates. "Different school -enterprise cooperation models have different scope of applications. For the" double first -class "colleges, graduates have a wider choice of work choice. More oriented enterprise training classes are more common in ordinary colleges and universities." Kerry International School Enterprise Enterprise Du Min, senior director of cooperation.

  Aiming at the forefront of the industry, the group comes from the "one -to -one" you from the "one -to -one" to me, to the win -win cooperation of "one -to -many" and "more to more", becoming a new trend of school -enterprise cooperation to promote employment in the new period.

  Wang Chunming introduced that in March of this year, under the guidance of the University of Education and University, the Human Resources Center of the 360 ??Group and the 360 ??Government Enterprise Security Group Safety Talent Development Center jointly launched the "New Feather Plan" to launch the "New Feather Plan", with Nankai University, China Communication University of China, Xi’an Jiaotong University , Chongqing University, Xiangtan University and other 29 universities have cooperated with 33 supply and demand docking employment and education projects to jointly start and implement network security talent training courses. "After the three -month course training, it will also carry out online security skills contests and corporate internships." "School -enterprise coordination can not only cultivate more high -precision technical talents, but also open up the" last mile of scientific research to the market to the market. ‘.

"Cai Huihua, deputy director of the Student Work Office of Nanjing Information Engineering University, introduced that the school played the talents of cultivating talents in the field of meteorology. 15 well -known domestic enterprises such as Huafeng Group, Aerospace Hongu, and ink weather jointly established the school -Enterprise Research Institute.

"Aerospace Hongu has selected multiple batch of experts and scholars to participate in the school’s teaching and international training, and jointly applied for national engineering projects with the school scientific researchers to help professional optimization and adjustment of meteorological disciplines.

"" The Ministry of Education put forward the direction of marketization, alliance, and shared job resource development mechanisms in the relevant notice of the secretary of the university’s secretary visited the enterprise and extended posts, which pointed out the direction of the talent training and employment model of colleges and universities in the future. The information resources obtained by colleges and universities should be shared and complementary from the market, and cooperate to cultivate talents who meet the needs of market cross -border, cross -professional, and integrated human capital.

Wang Jianmin, a professor at Beijing Normal University and the founding director of the Strategic Talent Research Center. "For school -enterprise cooperation to promote employment, local governments have great promise.

"The person in charge of the Employment Guidance Center of the aforementioned college believes that the government can play the role of scientific research needs and talent -to -persons, and organize local key enterprises or key units, college employment departments and scientific research departments to promote cooperation in the form of docking and promotion meetings. , To open up the two ends of the talent supply and demand. Yu Dongmei, assistant researcher at the School of Economics and Management of Nantong University, believes that deepening school -enterprise cooperation and employment should further strengthen the responsibility of the company’s participation and improve the enthusiasm of the company’s participation from the policy level. "In short, school enterprises’ ” The in -depth integration of two -way rush to ‘is the process of the school and the enterprise to achieve talents, and it is also the process of mutual achievements between the two parties. "Qin Guanying said," On the one hand, only by giving full play to the practical advantages of the enterprise, can we overcome the ‘disconnection of education and the market and ensure that the talent training of education institutions always connects market demand; Only the person’s ability can go out of low -quality employment, ensure that talents have thick professional skills and good comprehensive literacy, and promote high -quality and sustainable development of talents. "[Editor in charge: Yang Yongqing].