All people’s reading development situation is generally good

All people’s reading development situation is generally good

  On April 23, the first National Reading Conference opened in Beijing.

In the afternoon of the same day, the China Press and Publication Research Institute released the results of the "Nineteenth National National Reading Survey". The survey started in 1999. For example, the annual national reading "medical examination report" comprehensively reflects the level of reading in my country. Wei Yushan, the publisher of the survey, said: "From the analysis of various data this year, the development of the whole people’s reading and development is generally good. The indicators and data are steadily rising. It is very gratifying that the number of book reading and reading rate is relatively obvious.

"After the investigation was released, the reporter interviewed Wei Yushan to interpret the joy and worries of the National Reading" Physical Examination Report "in detail.

In 2021, the reading volume of paper and e -books per capita of adult nationals has increased. "This survey can promote the 100 million people in my country.

"The release site, Wei Yushan first introduced the" National Reading Survey "survey method.

As a global, scientific and authoritative reading survey, in recent years, the survey has become an important highlight of the "4 · 23 World Reading Day" every year.

  It is understood that this survey has been launched since August 2021. It lasts for four months, using online online surveys and telephone surveys to collect samples in 162 cities, covering 30 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities in my country. The sample volume is 42,456. Among them, adult samples account for%of the total sample volume, and sample samples under the age of 18 account for%of the total samples, and the proportion of urban and rural samples is: 1. This survey found that many indicators of national reading in 2021 have increased: In 2021, the number of paper books for adult national nationals in my country is the basis, which is higher than 2020. The book.

The comprehensive reading rate of various media in my country in 2021 was%, an increase of a percentage point from 2020; in 2021, the reading rate of adult national books in my country was%, an increase of a percentage point from 2020. Judging from the above data, all indicators have increased by a few percentage points. So, what does this seemingly "small" improvement mean? "Either a percentage or a percentage point. These data seem to be small, but due to the large population base of our country, in fact, each increase of percentage points means that the overall growth is very large.

"In response to the questions of reporters, Wei Yushan interpreted the meaning behind the data. He said that at present, whether it is national reading or reading rate, it has reached a relatively high level. Therefore, it will be difficult to grow upwards. In 2021, my country’s adult national book reading rate has reached%. This data is generally around 60%in developed countries, with only more than 70%of individual countries.

  Wei Yushan said that the situation investigating this time is that the reading situation of minors from the age of 0 to 17 is generally better, and the average daily spending time is increased compared to previous years. The survey shows that the reading rate of the book reading rate of minors 0 to 17 years in my country in 2021 was%, which was a percentage point increased by%from 2020; the number of readings of adolescents from the age of 14 to 17 is the largest.

In addition, the analysis of the early reading behavior of parent -child found that in the children’s family 0 to 8 years old in 2021, families with their children’s reading habits usually account for%, an increase of a percentage point from 2020.

The gap between urban and rural reading is obvious, and digital reading opportunities challenged "Our per capita paper book reading volume is four o’clock, and it is difficult to reach five books." Wei Yushan said, although the current paper and e -book are currently The average reading volume has added up to 8 books, but there is still a gap compared with developed countries. He introduced that the per capita reading volume of most developed countries is over 10 or higher than 10.

  The data is silent, but it can reflect multiple aspects of the appearance in the horizontal and vertical contrast. Looking at the "Nineteenth National National Reading Survey", there are many places worthy of attention.

  The survey shows that whether it is paper reading or digital reading, the urban and rural gap is relatively obvious. In 2021, the reading volume of paper books in urban residents is based, and the reading volume of paper books in rural residents is based. In terms of listening, in 2021, more than 30 % of adult citizens in my country have developed the habit of listening, but the hearing rate of adult residents in urban and towns is a percentage point higher than rural adult residents. Wei Yushan’s analysis: "At present, some rural areas in the central and western my country can achieve such a reading rate is not easy, and it is very difficult to improve. This is also an important task for us to read and promote the whole people." Reading in the digital age, choose paper books or e -books? ——This is a topic that is often discussed. This survey shows that in 2021,%of adult citizens tend to "read a paper book reading", an increase of a percentage point from 2020. However, there is still a certain distance between the choice and reality. Another set of data shows that in the medium contact time, adult nationals have the longest daily mobile phone contact time per day, and the traditional paper medium is minutes.

  "The new media has spread fast and widely, but it has also brought light and short problems at the same time." Wei Yushan believes that all kinds of media resources are now very rich, but those who can really sink for in -depth reading are The less you come, the new media sometimes has strong effects and wide coverage, but paper media, especially books, can reflect the depth and temperature of the content. "This is a dilemma." In addition, "reading satisfaction" is also an indicator worthy of attention. In 2021, only%of adult citizens expressed "satisfaction" of personal reading, and%and%of people chose "dissatisfaction" and "general". In addition,%of citizens think that the number of reading is "general", and%of the nationals think that the number of reading of their reading is "small or less."

Wei Yushan said that the reading survey showed the direction and space of the reading and promotion of the whole people.