"Long Live Youth" May 4th Special Program broadcast on the evening of May 3

"Long Live Youth" May 4th Special Program broadcast on the evening of May 3

  Our newspaper, Beijing, April 28th (China Youth Daily · China Youth Network reporter Li Xiangling, intern Liu Yiling) "Historical sense collision youthfulness, strong gravity collision lively!" Today, the China Youth Daily and Henan Broadcasting and Television Station jointly sponsored The May Fourth Special Program was officially officially announced. The evening party will be broadcast on the two periods of time on May 3, 18: 30, 19:30, and broadcast on online platforms such as the China Youth Daily client and Henan Satellite TV to create a May Fourth Youth, which reflects the new era, new actions, and new weather. The immersive music stage drama starts a wonderful fusion of "inheritance+innovation+development". This year marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Communist Youth League. Over the past 100 years, the Communist Youth League has united and led a generation of young people to make important historical contributions in various historical periods. The golden age of contemporary youth is highly rearranged with the historical process of national rejuvenation. They are witnesses and practitioners of this great process, and they are actually powerful powers. According to reports, the party vigorously promotes the typical of the youth typical to follow the party, actively engage in the grass -roots level, be brave to explore and innovate, and bloom youth in the place where the motherland and the people need.

The party is based on the preface of "Awakening", which uses the form of creative pioneers to perform film and television interpretation of "Hundred Years of Journey, Youth at the time, I am present at the time"; "Blood Blood Burning", "Song of Youth", "Fire Red Move", "Powerful Power Meer Me 》 The four chapters, organically presenting the dedication of dedication in the history of the century -old group, sketching the spiritual style of Chinese youths in the new era. Finally, the theme of the evening party with a ritual sweeping ceremony.

  From the smile on the execution ground, to the rush to Yan’an, and then grew up the night of the epidemic, the story of the world at the Winter Olympics … The stories of outstanding young people on the stage show the spirit and youthfulness of the youth of China.

Different times, the same hot youth will be reflected in this youth party.

  As one of the highlights, the party will also show the spirit of Chinese youth with the art tension of traditional culture. It will use immersive music stage to integrate the elements of national style and national tide, and use technology to empower the art to increase the visual effects. A variety of presentations such as space, drama light plus immersive stage to achieve super -combustion art effects. The relevant person in charge of the China Youth Daily stated that he hopes to show the glorious course of the party leading the Chinese youth movement through excellent literary works, thereby allowing contemporary youth to draw spiritual power from the history of the century -old group, and to clarify historical responsibilities from the predecessor’s entrustment. In the second one, in the second one In the new journey of the century -old struggle goal, the role of work and playing a vital army. Source: China Youth Daily.