[Video] The former salt base is in the rice

[Video] The former salt base is in the rice

Golden Autumn October, Harvest Festival.

Jilin Province actively organized autumn harvest work, in the town of Baicheng County, a 50-hectare rice field, the harvester is harvesting rice.

The heavy rice ear symbolizes this year’s good harvest, but it is hard to imagine that in 2020, here is still a barren salt base, after the improvement of the staff of Jilin Hao Agricultural Technology Development Research Institute, this 50 hectares of Test field has achieved better harvest. This test field is the development of rice, a research institute in the early 2021.

The pH of this block is 11-13 (severe salt base), and the research institute uses a plurality of industrial or agricultural waste such as furfi residue, fly ash. From a salt base from a desolate grass, through the study of researchers, 7 and a half months turn becomes a fruitful pure green organic harvest. The staff of the Shujing Institute said that the technology has been mature after years of practice, ready to promote this technology, let more abandoned land become farmland cultivated land, benefiting the country for the people.

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